A Love of Music Begins When Young

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I went back to the beautiful sim West of the Rain today to take some pictures for their Flickr photography challenge which runs until September 22nd 2016. On that date three winners will be selected and announced on September 22. Prizes will be $10,000L for first prize, $5,000L for second, and $2,500L for third.  The exact entry requirements can be found on their web page here.

To have a look at what other people have entered go and take a peek at their Flickr group pool here:

I must admit at first I didn’t know what to photograph for the West of the Rain Photography Contest. The ducks and geese splashing in the tub have always been one of my favourite things there but other than that inspiration hadn’t struck. However, we are now a couple of days into a new round of the fashion event Collabor88. The theme this time is The Sound of the Forest and there are some beautiful simple and naturally inspired designs there to take us from the end of summer into autumn. For information and to see the designs included in this round see the Collabor88 blog here: http://collabor88.com/september-2016 A trip to this round gave me the creative spark I was looking for.

I saw the Nature dress by Zenith and liked it immediately. I thought it was rural looking enough to really compliment the country feel of the wagon and pond at West of the Rain. Interestingly along with it they were selling a sunflower hat and, more unusually, a cello case with a HUD that allows you to change textures on different parts giving you a number of combinations. The cello case was the catalyst to this picture as the idea came to mind that my avie could be playing a cello to the little ducklings with the caption “A love of music begins when young”.

However, the path to art never runs smooth! I realised that to play the cello you need a chair and to my knowledge there are no rez rights at  West of the Rain. So the plan needed adjusting a little to having my avie playing a wearable instrument, in this case a flute to the ducklings. I finished it off with a wearable chick masquerading as a duckling from the Marketplace perched on her shoulder listening to her play. I am pretty happy with the result and framed it with a custom horizontal crop.

Later I took some walking shots on the sim with the cello case so it still got its fifteen minutes of fame.

Styling Details:

Hair: Miki Hair by Wasabi Pills for Hairology. Thanks to a lovely friend (you know who you are!) for pointing me in the direction of Hairology after I regaled her with my failure to find “the hair” to go with the dress.

Dress: Nature Dress by Zenith with Scarf for Collab88 in Patchwork

Tights: Forest Friends by Atomic for Collab88

Shoes: Teeks by Reign for Collab88 (Maitreya Flat)

Freckles: Izzie’s LOGO Freckles Appliers available on the Marketplace here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-LOGO-Freckles-Appliers/8498388

Wearable Chick: Dollarbie Shoulder Vulo Chick Pet available on the Marketplace here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Dollarbie-Shoulder-Vulo-chick-Pet/3256286

Prone Flute Pose: By Fire Storm Creations. Available on the Martketplace here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/FS-Butterfly-Flute-Lay-blue/3695138

Standing Poses: Cocoroco Poses by Kirin Poses for Kustom 9
Location: West of the Rain



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