Back to School

Art, Fashion

In a spare moment it is fun to look through the Destinations tab and see what sims are hot right now or what featured events. This is how I spotted The Library which is an art installation by Cica Ghost. I think most people will understand how small you feel as you wander around through the oversized piles of books.

It really did feel to me like being a small child on the first day of school where everything is so much bigger and perhaps even slightly intimidating at times to be beneath a towering stack of tomes. In contrast to the ordered tomes of most libraries this is almost a book wilderness where the books have run amok, overtaken the shelves and the floor and even some of the towering piles have slithered bereft to the floor. However, there are a lot of colours and fun and you can sit on the top of the stacks and on the branches of a tree or at the top of a set of steps. I went back twice and still found new things to explore!

Styling Notes:

Hair: Thyra Mesh Hair Fifty Linden Friday Exclusive Pack by Wasabi Pills

Dress: Snowpaws Mezzo Little Strap Dress in Gumball available from Snowpaws




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