Peony Dreams


Peony 2I have a love and hate relationship with Second Life gachas. Anything I really want I would rather buy outright and get exactly what I want rather than taking a gamble and end up with something I don’t really like or have no use for. However, I do play them occasionally when it’s something I want and I don’t mind which one I come out with. Sometimes from a photography point of view spinning the gacha wheel as it were is actually a great way to trigger some creative inspiration. Having for example the colour of something or the style of hat decided for you can act as something of an artistic catalyst.

A couple of recommendations for creatives are the selection of gachas situated upstairs at Tableau Vivant which include hair with accessories such as writers hats and sparkles and the truly exquisite and dazzling array of Lode headpiece gachas situated at Essences. Sometimes I know immediately what I want to do with the prize and some lie dormant in my inventory for a while until inspiration strikes.

The Lode Peony headpiece I won at was red – the perfect peony colour to me. I remember red peonies growing in my grandmother’s garden as a child. Somehow almost immediately I knew what I wanted to do with this quite large and bold headpiece. I had tried it with a bun first off but the peonies swamped it. So I decided I wanted curls lots and lots of curls. In fact what I wanted to do a close-cropped portrait where the curls filled the whole frame. However this was totally dependent on finding that elusive beast THE RIGHT HAIR. Hair that was big enough to fill the frame and go beyond the bold headpiece but at the same time looked natural.


I tried the Curly hair from Tableau Vivant first which looked quite solid on my avie and didn’t really suit her. So I next went to Analog Dog as I already have their Zoe hair and I really like the movement that their flex hair adds and how natural it looks. I saw lots of hair I liked but nothing that would fill the top and all the sides of the frame and also give my avie a little bit of hair on her forehead as the Amber style which was the closest was pulled back too far for me. In the end I actually wore the Amber hairstyle along with the Sophie style to give me a slightly less severe hairline at the front. I had tried the Analog Dog bangs but they all seemed to heavy or not curly enough to match the rest of the hair. Both hairstyles do come with a band which in either case I don’t think can be removed or made invisible but I managed to cover them with the peonies. I don’t think the overall result would be neat enough to wear for a night out as you could still see some of the bands at the side but with the artistic licence to avoid certain angles for my purposes it was fine.



I bought a  lovely gown to go with this hairstyle which I may photograph at a later date but today I concentrated on headshots only and I am likely to edit a few more!

Styling notes:

Flowers: Lode Peony Crown in red from the Gacha machine at Essences at

Eyes: FATEeyes 3.0 Unlimited Customisation Mesh Eyes available on the Marketplace at

Hair: Amber and Sophia hairs both from Analog Dog in dark brown. Visit Analog Dog in Second Life at

Lipstick: Insol Lipstick set “Matt Delight” for Omega available at

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