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Jet City Woman

Jet City Woman

Perhaps slightly unusually, I play Second Life with my real life husband and we are monogomously partnered in the game as well as married in real life.

We met on the Internet twenty-one years ago and gaming is not new to us but we’ve discovered we both really like creating outfits and building sims in Second Life. We rediscovered a new level of co-operation through building and also how to play and have fun again as a couple which I think is something many couples lose after kids come along. It also means we can socialise and go dancing and listen to music without the need to arrange a babysitter! We also use some of the things we enjoy in Second Life to inspire things to do in the real world. One day we swear we’ll learn to dance in real life but we may not be able to manage it with as much panache as our avies! My husband, An, also scripts and I get surprised often with little gifts. A week ago he gave me a scripted airplane ticket and told me to put it on the desk in the summer house I use as my Second Life studio. I did so and then I was told to touch it. It was scripted to tell me that my flight wasn’t ready for boarding yet. Hmmmm. Curious. All he would tell me was that at 8pm local time on Friday my avi needed to have her bags packed and be ready to go and I was getting a virtual weekend “away”.

All through the next week An kept disappearing to “take care of things” or “deal with some email” and I learnt not to ask questions [Good girl — An, editing]. Given that I just changed bodies to Maitreya Lara mesh body I thought some new clothes were in order and I kept my eyes open at some of the numerous fashion events in Second Life. Since he wouldn’t tell me anything about dress code and I had no idea where we were going I tried to keep my options open.

I struck gold at the Tres Chic event by stumbling on a perfect single static photo pose for carrying luggage by LW Poses complete with a trolley bag, handbag and shoulder bag. I took a snapshot of Lola posing with her bags waiing for a flight and emailed it to him with the words “Checking In” a couple of hours before my “flight” was due!

When he got home on Friday I was banned from the (RL) kitchen and his computer room. At 8pm when I touched my ticket in Second Life as instructed I was given a landmark for an apartment. POOF!

When I arrived at the apartment An was waiting for me. In the virtual living room there was champagne, a box of chocolates and some flowers as well as three pink shopping bags. I was asked to choose what I wanted to try first and  chose the flowers. At this point An totally shocked and surprised me by walking in the room in real life we a big bunch of sunflowers for me! The same thing happened when I chose a chocolate in Second Life; he bought a box of chocolates to me in real life! When Lola chose champagne I got a real life bottle of Prosecco and a glass! I was quite taken aback because no it was not my birthday and it was really lovely to be appreciated.

When I touched the shopping bags it sent an IM to An that he was waiting for; and he purchased the clothes as gifts, for me, from the Marketplace so I was sent them a few seconds later. No I didn’t get any real life clothes in case you are wondering! [Working on that — An, editing, still!]

The last surprise was maybe actually the best! He took me on a tour of the apartment which included a roof garden with a view of all the sparkling skyscrapers and lights. On the roof he had actually, amazingly, put a roundabout from What Next so he could spin me round under the city lights! It was to be honest an absolutely amazing virtual experience and one I will always remember.

Styling Notes:

Hair: Pip by Analog Dog (in dark brown) Visit Analog Dog in Second Life at

Top: Luna Paillettes top by Mimikri in gold for Tres Chic August 2016 Read more about Tres Chic on their blog here

Skirt: Jas leather skirt by Aphorism in brown for Shiny Shabby August 2016 Visit Shiny Shabby in Second Life at

Shoes: Method booties in beige for Tres Chic August 2016

Bangle, Necklace and Earring Set: Kaiya Jewellery set by Earthstones in Earth. Visit their Mainstore in Second Life Read more about Earthstones on ther blog here

Sunglasses: Never fashion glasses by Vassnia these are available on the Marketplace here

Pose: LW Poses You have the Power Single pose with props including handbag and luggage for Tres Chic

Roundabout by What Next or see their website here

Images Taken in Second Life at It All Starts With A Smile except You Spin Me Round which was taken at my husband’s SL city apartment!




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